Seller Health Index

Like a stock market index, The Seller Health Index is your statistical method to track the health of all the sellers attached to every ASIN being monitored in your account. Tracking your Seller Health Index over time enables you to measure the overall effectiveness of your seller actions. A plunging Seller Health Index is your visual queue that highly suspicious seller offers are increasing.

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BuyBox Sales & Inventory

If you sell on Amazon, or have partners who do, then increases or decreases in revenue is the only ROI that matters. Using inventory and sales projection metrics, target unauthorized sellers based on the sales they siphon away. Then track and measure the impact of your brand protection efforts on BuyBox win rates as it drives net new sales increases for you and your resellers.

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Customer Risk

With thousands of sellers joining Amazon daily, keeping your customers away from unauthorized offers is critical. Customer Risk is the likelihood, or probability, your customer will buy from a bad seller. The lower your Customer Risk number, the less likely your customer is to buy from an unauthorized seller.

Customer image risk

Seller Location Mapping

Are unauthorized sellers on Amazon close to one of your retail locations, warehouses, or distribution centers? Are they connected? IPSecure uses seller location to help identify potential supply-chain connections, facilitate seller policy complaints, and aid in giving you valuable offline actionable intelligence.

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Scan Rules

Our users are provided with a wide range of customization rules that allow them to track data across all the Sellers and Offers of their products. Product listings themselves are not relevant, as the content can easily be copied or stolen. Instead, IPSecure focuses on sellers, their behavior, and what your organization stipulates is non-compliance. This gives you a clear picture of every seller associated with your products and allows you to determine what actions, if any, you feel are needed.

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As IP professionals and e-commerce managers, we know you're busy, and what you need is actionable intelligence pushed out to you when unique events occur. Meet IPSecure Alerts, a powerful set of both standard and premium alerts delivered directly to your inbox when compelling events require your attention. Alerts such as: • Volatile changes in your Seller Health Index • Large increases in Customer Risk • Low scoring sellers winning the BuyBox • Terminated licensees that resurface • Sellers removed • Seller Actions & compliance

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