Amazon Brand Protection that works.

Monitoring millions of seller offers, IPSecure technology increases revenue through IP protection and reseller compliance automation.

What we do

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Protect your brand

Use your own custom criteria to analyze and score every seller of your brand or product on Amazon.

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Complete visibility

Identify IP violators, unauthorized sellers, rogue ASINs, and monitor licensee compliance.

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Enforce your rights

Report IP abuse and seller policy violations, send tracked letters and perform test buys.

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Grow your sales

Removing IP abuse and unauthorized sellers drives sales and revenue increases.

IPSecure - Beware of 'Fake Jim'

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How we do it

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You’re able to identify, weigh and score every seller that offers your products on Amazon by using software criteria you configure.

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Push out counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers through simplified enforcement actions that work.

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As unauthorized sellers are removed from your product listings, customers will see and shop with more of your authorized resellers.

Who we help

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Brand Protection Teams

As IP counsel, paralegals, law firms, and brand protection managers you gain instant clarity into all Amazon sellers of your product. IPSecure leverages automated test buys, takedowns, and cease-and-desist letters to remove unauthorized sellers and protect your IP, all in only minutes per day.

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Ecommerce managers

Ecommerce managers can use IPSecure’s powerful software to ensure sellers adhere to your reseller contract and Minimum Advertised Price policy. Track compliance, facilitate communications, and most importantly, watch as your brand protection efforts drive increases in net new authorized sales.

Why we are the best

Relevant Results

ASINs can be discovered, saved, and managed within the IPSecure ASIN Manager. This lets you group, track, and scan groups of ASINs, driving top-down analysis for better IP enforcement decisions and reseller visibility. Each ASIN is a virtual market; IPSecure is your eyes and ears within each and every ASIN.

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Custom Rules Engine

Every offer for your brand and seller of your product are scored based on custom rules you control. In addition, all offer scores are compiled into a Seller Health Index, and tracked in real-time acting as your visual representation of the overall health trend of every seller offer a shopper will encounter.

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True ROI

One of IPSecure’s core features is the ability to see and track how your enforcement efforts directly impact your sales and revenue growth. The true measure of success is determining if your authorized resellers and licensees are generating more revenue as a result of your brand protection efforts.

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The old way

Frequently, the product listings current solutions uncover aren't visible by consumers, so removing them has no impact on authorized sales or your customers buying experience.

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The IPSecure way

You’re able to identify, weigh and score every seller that offers your products on Amazon by using software criteria you configure and then start sending enforcements in minutes.

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Ready to start?

Check for unauthorized Offers for your product on Amazon.