How IPSecure uses data accessed through Amazon’s SP-API:

IPSecure adhere’s to, and only uses data acessed via the Amazon SP-API according to  Amazon’s Acceptable Use Policy:

Use the Amazon Services API only to perform acceptable Amazon activities, and only for Authorized Users who have authorized you to perform these activities on their behalf.

Any and all authorized users that grant IPSecure developer access to their data agree and sign IPSecure’s written data access addendum a copy of which can be requested by emailing

IPSecure complies with all applicable data protection laws including data privacy and data protection laws

IPSecure does not offer any services or use data accessed via the SP-API in a manner which does or could infirnge on any copyrights, trademarks, or patents of others

IPSecure does not use any data accessed through the Amazon SP-API in any way that would impact Authorized User access, impact business processes, or alter any settings or elements of the Authorized User’s seller account.

IPSecure only requests and accesses Authorized User accounts through secondary user permissions granted and controled by the Authorized User

IPSecure only access data that is necessary for our analytics charts, specificly sales and inventory data and only for the specific Authorized User account which ash granted IPSecure access

IPSecure respects Amazon SP-API throttling requirements at all times

IPSecure fully complies with the Data Protection Policy (“DPP”) at all times

IPSecure only uses data for acceptable purposes

IPSecure does not use or acess, at any time, any Personally Identifiable Information about Customers

IPSecure never targets Amazon Customers for product marketing or review fabrication and modification using data retrieved through the Amazon Services API or any external (non-Amazon) data services.

IPSecure does not use, offer, or promote external (non-Amazon) data services that vend Information or data retrieved from Amazon's websites.

IPSecure does not aggregate data across Authorized Users’ businesses or Customers obtained through the Amazon Services API to provide or sell to any parties including competing Authorized Users.

IPSecure does not promote, publish, or share insights about Amazon's business. We do not use insights about Amazon's business for your own business purposes.

IPSecure does not disclose Information, individually labeled or aggregated, to other Application users, affiliated entities, or any outside parties, unless required to perform acceptable Authorized User activities for Authorized Users that authorized our Application.

IPSecure does not perform due diligence on the data security measures and policies of any parties with whom we share data and we only share data with parties that have data security standards at least as strict as your own.

IPSecure does not access, use, store or distribute any PII data from the Amazon SP-API

IPSecure is fully transparent with Authorized Users about how we use the data accessed, with whom, and for what purposes and asks each Authorized User to confirm this via written authorization.