Our Story

After 20-years protecting the world's largest brands, we founded IPSecure to empower IP professionals, law firms, and eCommerce managers with real, visible, brand protection ROI.

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Our Ethos

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To lead and accelerate the evolution of online brand protection from a necessary cost burden to a revenue growth engine.

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An online world where every seller is authorized, ethical, and represents the value and integrity of the brand.

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Be transparent and embrace differences. Everyone sweeps the floor. Deeds not words. When our customers win, we win.

Why IPSecure?

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Intuitive, easy to use, and its deployed in minutes

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100% accuracy reduces hours of irrelevant content review

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Fully integrated test-buys, policy violations, and tracked letters

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Real ROI

Track net new sales captured from your enforcement actions

New Innovative Approach

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Profit-generating exercise

Using IPSecure, online brand protection is now a profit-generating exercise that aligns both legal and eCommerce teams on what matters most; reducing IP abuse and increasing sales.

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Turn hours into minutes

We ditched keyword scanning for fake listings and turned hours of manual review into minutes. Every seller and offer analyzed by IPSecure is selling your product or using your IP.

Meet our founders

David Cooper (CEO)

Using lessons learned over 20+ years building and deploying online brand protection programs for hundreds of global brands, David started IPSecure to finally bridge the gap between protecting IP online and driving eCommerce revenue growth.

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Chris Anderson (CTO)

An ML/AI expert, with decades of experience building world-class enterprise SaaS applications; Chris leads our talented team of seasoned engineers turning user needs into reality.

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Ready to start?

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