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Announcing the ASIN Discovery System from IPSecure
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IPSecure is excited to announce the latest Buy Box defender for brands and their authorized Amazon resellers. IPSecure’s new ASIN Discovery System, is an AI-driven, customizable platform that enables both commercial and legal teams within large consumer products companies to jointly monitor and remove unauthorized Amazon product listings at scale. 

Commercial teams can now report unauthorized content on Amazon without disrupting your sales or accessing sensitive legal systems and remove counterfeit or ‘rogue’ product listings, duplicates, and products that lack the correct U.S. regulatory labeling elements. With a few clicks, brands’ commercial teams are now able to cleanse product catalogs and optimize Amazon sales efforts thanks to automated product catalog deconfliction, secure access protocols, and configurable guardrails offered by the ASIN Discovery System. 

A Two-Pronged Approach to Unauthorized Sales on Amazon

Strategically, it's helpful to think of two approaches to the unauthorized sales problem on Amazon: the sellers and the listings. Rogue sellers operating sales networks and attaching to your own product listings are a complex problem requiring multiple steps and legal expertise to solve. Think of it as hand-to-hand combat with an individual seller. To be successful, you need a rich platform that can help you prioritize offenders based on revenue impact, organize a multi-step process including a series of written notifications and verified test buys – exactly the capabilities that the IPSecure platform offers today to help you own your Buy Box. 

The ASIN Discovery System complements the seller approach by focusing on listings, and can be used by commercial teams without requiring legal resources. Here’s how it works. The ASIN Discovery System analyzes Amazon listings, including text and images, and compares them to your product catalog so you can verify if those listings are authorized. The ASIN Discovery System then verifies whether the listing is inside your catalog and pinpoints whether authorized sellers are attached to the listing.

If the listing fails those multiple verification checks, commercial teams can have the listings removed or add them to your catalog so they are under your control.

The Result? A Clean Catalog and Optimized Sales

Catalog cleansing is a crucial component of optimizing your sales on Amazon but doing this at scale is a formidable challenge. Commercial teams need a scalable system to remove mass quantities of unauthorized listings in order to ensure listings for your products are under your control. Otherwise, it’s as if there is an open storefront offering your products but you are not enjoying the benefit of the sales.

Our team is very proud of all the capabilities that IPSecure provides for brands and agencies to own the Buy Box. With the introduction of the ASIN Discovery System, brands have state-of-the-art capabilities for both their legal and their commercial teams to protect their valuable brands on the world’s greatest ecommerce platform, Amazon.

Contact IPSecure today for more information on how we can help you own your Buy Box.

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