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Liability, Speech, and the Evolution of Marketplaces with Mike Masnick
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52 min listen
52 min listen

The line between online freedom and responsibility is often blurred, placing brands and consumers alike at risk. Our guest, Mike Masnick, shares his wealth of knowledge on this intricate subject, shedding light on the challenges faced by platforms, brand owners, and individuals alike.

Mike shares his unconventional journey from business school to writing about the internet and technology in the early days of the web, to becoming the man that The New York Times refers to as “being in the heads of tech CEOs.”

In this episode we discuss the importance of brand protection and the impact it has on business elements such as revenue and customer experience. Mike shares examples of both effective and ineffective approaches to intellectual property (IP) protection, emphasizing the complexities and ethical considerations involved.

Join us for this thought-provoking episode as we:

  • Unpack the nuances of Section 230
  • Delve into brand protection challenges
  • Gain insights from Mike's 25+ years of experience as a tech writer
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