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Mind the Gap on Prime Day
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Every holiday, whether a long-time part of the calendar, or a more recent phenomenon, delivers  a wealth of opportunities to win the Buy Box. Prime Day. Prime Big Deals Day. Cyber Monday. Holidays. Back to School. When high-profile shopping events take place, consumers take notice – and so do unauthorized sellers.

An influx of unauthorized sellers will have a negative impact on revenue and customer acquisition. How much of an impact? And what can you do to minimize their impact? To answer these questions, we investigated two best selling consumer products, which are  manufactured by competing large consumer products companies, and analyzed their Buy Box win rates in July 2023. Prime Day took place during that period, on July 11 and July 12. 

Both companies are in identical segments of the CPG market and other than the brand name, the products are the same. The key difference between the companies is that one company is an IPSecure customer while the other does not use our technology and services. You can see the impact of unauthorized sellers in the Buy Box win rate percentages for each of the two companies in the chart below.

The company that is not employing a brand protection strategy experienced a significant drop-off in their Buy Box win rates in the period leading up to Prime Day. Activity by unauthorized sellers resulted in the Buy Box win rate dropping to below 30 percent from their usual win rate of 60 percent. This low Buy Box win rate persisted for more than a week before the unprotected brand reclaimed its previous win rate.

The company with an active brand protection strategy experienced far superior results.  The company not only persisted with a Buy Box win rate of 90 percent or higher in the period leading up to Prime Day 2023, its win rate jumped to almost 100% during the busy Prime Day promotion. The company held on to its Buy Box win rates throughout the rest of the month.

This chart illustrates two very important points for Amazon sellers. It is essential to be proactive and vigilant about protecting your Buy Box during high-profile shopping events. Otherwise you risk significantly lower Buy Box win rates during the shopping event itself and the period leading up to  – and following it.

We all know that the Buy Box win rate is the Holy Grail of KPI’s for Amazon sellers. With a strong brand protection strategy and vigilance, you can not only mitigate the impact from an influx of unauthorized sellers during high-profile shopping events, but you can also increase your Buy Box win rate, even overtaking your previous benchmarks.

For tips on how to own your Buy Box on major shopping holidays, check out our blog called Safeguard Your Amazon Revenue: Tips for Amazon Sellers. If you want to see the IPSecure Brand Protection platform in action, feel free to book a free, no-obligation demo at your convenience. Let’s own the Buy Box!

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