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Mission Driven with Tricia Mahoney of Twisted X
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37 min listen
37 min listen

Twisted X Global Brands is on a mission. The company’s core philosophy that we need to leave the planet in a better place infuses every facet of the company from the business model and distribution strategy to product design, consumer experience and branding.

Producing great footwear is the company’s means of achieving its mission. Each shoe incorporates at least one sustainability feature, no matter the style, brand or collection. Twisted X is equally dedicated to supporting its reseller network with tools and resources so they are successful, too.

In this two-part podcast, Tricia Mahoney, an experienced brand-builder and CMO of Twisted X, describes how philanthropy, sustainability and service are core pillars for the company. She details how she and her team apply the ‘doing good’ ethos to their work in building the Twisted X brand, launching multiple products and providing support to their resellers. She also shares a wonderful story of ‘doing good’ in action with the Cook Children’s collection, a joint effort with Cook Children’s Medical Center.

Part 1 - Doing Good

  • The lure of Twisted X for a brand-builder
  • How Twisted X puts its mission to work
  • The mission in action: The Cook Children’s Collection

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Part 2 - Working with Resellers

  • How Twisted X manages its channels
  • Brand protection strategies and resellers
  • The power of storytelling

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