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Omnichannel is King with Brennan Ursu
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An omnichannel strategy doesn’t just affect sales, it has an impact on customer experience, supply chain management and brand protection. In our latest podcast, we explore these issues with Brennan Ursu, Director of Marketing Strategy at Zoomget, one of the largest importers of disposable gloves in North America.

Brennan is a true believer in the power of an omnichannel strategy and leads Brennan all e-commerce efforts on Amazon, Walmart, and beyond for Zoomget.

In this wide-ranging podcast, Brennan discusses scaling your business, developing a brand strategy, how 1P and 3P compare, and the tactical steps he recommends for building a business from the group up. He also considers how your brand protection challenges and strategies affect each of these areas and help you win the Buy Box.

Part One of the podcast: 

  • How to scale your business efficiently
  • How managing your supply chain affects your Buy Box win rate
  • Evaluating omnichannel opportunities and risks

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Part Two of the podcast:

  • Becoming a brand vs selling a product
  • Why building your business around a brand strategy results in customer LTV
  • How brand protection relates to customer acquisition at different points in the funnel

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Part Three of the podcast: 

  • 1P vs 3P and how the margin effect
  • Tactical plan to build a business from the ground up
  • Strategic advice for brand

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