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Suing Amazon Sellers is a Big (and Controversial) Business
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49 min listen
49 min listen

Some U.S. brands and their law firms are suing hundreds of foreign Amazon sellers. In this episode of the Owning the Buy Box podcast, Zeyi Yang, China reporter for the MIT Tech Review, discusses his recent article on the rise of counterfeit litigation against Amazon sellers.

Yang’s unique findings reveal a trend toward large scale lawsuits filed against international sellers using friendly U.S. courts, and in most cases, in secret. 

The global nature of ecommerce and Amazon’s position as the #1 marketplace platform in the U.S. gives this new, fast-growing legal strategy extreme importance with significant impact on the ecommerce landscape.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Why litigation against Amazon sellers has a regional focus
  • How language barriers and use of keywords may trigger litigation
  • If Amazon has a responsibility in monitoring for trademark issues
  • How this type of litigation will affect consumers long-term
  • The pro’s, con’s and risks that brands should be aware of.
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