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The 5 Secrets to stopping counterfeits on Amazon, increasing revenue and building customer confidence
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Amazon agencies and aggregators have helped fuel the massive 44% YOY growth of Amazon sales, but only the BEST agencies and aggregators optimize their sales through proactive counterfeit and unauthorized sales mitigation by maintaining their own Amazon Brand Protection solutions. The benefits of this strategy go well beyond greater revenue. Customer satisfaction and brand loyalty are also the benefactors of anticounterfeiting on Amazon. So, whether you use an agency to market and sell on Amazon, or manage it yourself, you need to protect your brand by stopping counterfeit and illicit sales.

And, you can’t wait for sales to reach massive scale before targeting and removing counterfeiters and other bad actors on Amazon. You need to be performing an upfront analysis of the impact and exposure that unauthorized sellers are having on your brand, new client, or for Aggregators, your potential acquisition target.

There are four key steps to growing sales through brand protection on Amazon:

  1. Focus on seller Buy Box win rates and inventory data. With 3,000 to 4,000 new sellers joining daily, Amazon is a sea of ‘potential’ unauthorized sellers and counterfeiters. Target those that both steal your designs, intellectual property, and name, and those that siphon your revenue. If unauthorized sellers are frequently winning the “Buy Box,” then counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers are leveraging the brand to steal customers. Your efforts at stopping bad actors should be aimed at these sellers first and foremost because “Buy Box” winners are the individuals most successful at selling counterfeits to consumers, and removing them both protects IP and will boost sales.
  2. Stop Illicit Sales at the Source - Unique ASIN Focus. Focus on Amazon high-performing ASIN product listings, not keywords. Most anticounterfeiting tools and technologies help brand owners scan for fakes using product keywords to identify infringements. However, the most effective tools for agencies are those built with an understanding of Amazon’s unique marketplace in mind. By knowing the whole landscape of successful sellers, you can intercept bad actors no matter what channels they are using to promote their product. Whether they are using social and influencers, advertising, private groups or any channel, you’ll stop sales of competing counterfeits at the source.
  3. Know the Seller and Product Landscape. Whether you are brand selling or managing a complex portfolio of products or an agency or aggregator doing the same, you’ll need to have a concise view of the products, ASINs, sellers, volumes, and other data to help guide your actions.
  4. Marshal the tools that Amazon provides to protect your sales.

Amazon Brand Registry Program will actively help detect counterfeits. Also, Amazon has a feature where you can flag products that you discover to be a counterfeit of your own.

Amazon Transparency Program – Program will apply a unique QR code for each sale. This lets an aggregator follow the transaction and product as it moves through the Amazon distribution warehouse.

Amazon Project Zero - Program uses machine learning to figure out the newest ways and tactics counterfeit sellers are using.

  1. Get help from a technology provider. Vendors like (or only) IPSecure can help you get the benefits of a brand protection program for your products or your clients WITHOUT distracting you from your core business and capitalizing on the massive growth of Amazon sales.

IPSecure is helping hundreds of brands, agencies, and aggregators make the most of their Amazon sales revenue, build strong brands, increase customer satisfaction and solidify loyalty through stopping unauthorized sellers and counterfeits. For more information, or to start protecting your brand on Amazon in minutes, visit today!

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