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Twisted X Has a Mission to Make the World Better, and It's Working!
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For some companies, giving back is a pillar. But according to Tricia Mahoney, CMO at Twisted X Global Brands, making a difference in the world is more than a focal point at Twisted X — the cause permeates the culture and drives everything the company does.

On the latest episode of Owning the Buy Box, we speak with Tricia about Twisted X’s unique business model. From supporting organizations that promote sustainability and eco-friendliness to donating to charities that support children's health and education, Twisted X is dedicated to making a positive impact. Giving back is a part of who they are and is instilled in every employee.

Join as we discuss: 

  • Managing the deliberate decision to not be direct-to-consumer
  • Creating a first-class consumer experience for everyone
  • How Twisted X’s philosophy is leaving a lasting impression on the world

Managing the deliberate decision not to be direct-to-consumer

Twisted X is driven by a mission to make the world a better place; in the meantime, they sell shoes.

Jokes aside, Tricia emphasizes the importance of the mission behind the business. While Twisted X launches several new lines a year, they work to empower their retailers to sell their products rather than operating direct-to-consumer themselves, even though the profit would likely be rather high.
“We do not want to compete with our retailers,” Tricia says. “Our job is to help with the awareness, the education for our end consumers and to work with our plethora of retailers to help support them so they can sell. Because when they win, we win.”

Rather than entering the market themselves through on their website or other marketplaces, Twisted X empowers their retailers to sell and succeed to the best of their ability so that they can focus more effort on positively impacting the world.

Twisted X supports retailers by providing a content platform of resources.This platform contains everything from images to ads, helping to maintain brand image across all distribution channels. They also focus on building great relationships with retailers, ensuring that every partner feels comfortable reaching out for support.

In addition to stepping out of direct competition with retailers, Twisted X ensures each of its retail partners plays well with each other in the sandbox. There are strict rules regarding pricing and discounting so that the competition is fair.

So, while Twisted X is not direct-to-consumer, taking this approach has allowed the business to free up focus on giving time to what really matters to the organization: making a difference. 

Creating a first-class consumer experience for everyone

Working with a multitude of retailers doesn’t mean that your brand experience has to falter. In fact, leaders at Twisted X have found a way to retain brand experience across retailers so that each consumer has a first-class experience.

According to Tricia, this experience begins with supporting the retailer well. In addition to the content platform Twisted X supplies, they also work with individual retailers to meet any additional needs or requests.

Twisted X has also doubled down on their narrative so that it could permeate its culture and organically translate across retailers. 

“We have different ways we talk to our audiences and retailers because some care about sustainability, some care about philanthropy — and some care that we're not direct-to-consumer,” Tricia says. “So, we have a lot of messages we tailor appropriately.”

When a great product is paired with proper support and customized storytelling, retailers are able to help a brand maintain the same high-quality experience, regardless of where that retailer may be selling from.

Twisted X’s philosophy is leaving a lasting impression on the world. Here’s how:

When Twisted X says they are out to change the world, they mean it. From partnerships with children’s hospitals and nonprofits to becoming 100% carbon-neutral before 2020, the organization continues to exceed its goals.

The Cook Children’s Shoe line is one gleaming example of the organization’s philanthropy. Twisted X sought out four aspiring artists receiving treatment at Cook Children’s Hospital and worked hands-on with each to create their own shoe. Keeping products as close as possible to the kid’s designs, this line is now being sold by retailers nationwide with all of the proceeds going towards the medical center.

“From suppliers, factory, transportation, supply chain, retailers, our reps —  everybody along the way decided to give,” Tricia says. “We do everything we can to have as many dollars go towards the medical center as we possibly can.”

With new brands and lines releasing every six months, Twisted X has to stay on top of supporting their retailers and retaining the utmost quality to support its endeavors. 

“We've got to sell shoes to do this really important stuff in the world,” Tricia says, quoting the CEO Prasad Reddy. “We do that by making really cool shoes.”

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